Vaginal Sex During Pregnancy — Safe and Mind-Blowing

Sex Benefits During Pregnancy

When it comes to sexual activity of pregnant women, some are still unsure if they should indulge. That’s especially true the closer they are to their due date. As that clock ticks the last few weeks of pregnancy away, women are less likely to engage in any sexual activity (or even want to).

Sex is often far (far, far away) from the number-one desire (or need) most pregnant women have. Still, if you have a healthy pregnancy, there’s no reason not to engage in sexual activity. However, most healthy pregnancies still include hardships such as morning sickness (which is not limited to mornings whatsoever), bloating, and the delightful raging hormones that are probably making the pregnant woman’s head spin.

Well, excellent news, everyone! Sex might actually be able to offer a helping hand with some of these ailments. Although it is far from a cure-all, sex is still quite beneficial during pregnancy.

Solving the Eternal Dilemma — Sex During Pregnancy Is Safe

Ah, do you remember the blessed times before pregnancy? You could just pop in the bedroom (or anywhere else) for a round of ranchy, quick sex with your partner.

Things are different now. During pregnancy, sex becomes more uncomfortable than not. What’s more, you’re probably often plagued by thoughts regarding safety.

That’s perfectly normal. Every mom-to-be goes a bit into overdrive when the safety of her child is at stake. However, let us reassure you and solve your dilemma once and for all — you can have sex; it’s entirely safe.

Some women, who are at risk of preterm labor or have specific conditions such as placenta previa, are advised against sexual activity. However, if that’s the case with you, your doctor will tell you loud and clear to push your knees together and think of anything but sex.

Otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe, and it can even be comfortable. You just have to find the right position (and the will to have it).

It’s Also Quite Hot and Satisfying

Listen, sex is like pizza — even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. However, during pregnancy, sex can be even better.

First of all, let’s not forget those raging hormones. They have a way of making pregnant women feel not only hornier than usual but also more receptive. What’s more, there’s a significant increase in blood flow in the pelvic area during pregnancy. That makes sex more comfortable and, ultimately, more satisfying.

Furthermore, because there’s more blood flow, the nerves are also more sensitive. And you know just how many deliciously sensitive nerves there are! That means orgasms are stronger and easier to achieve. During pregnancy, both penetrative and oral sex will feel fantastic due to stronger and longer orgasms.

It Comes With Amazing Health Benefits

Pregnancy safety is the number-one concern of every woman. Most of us are ready to do anything to improve our overall health and immune systems, thus, ensuring the optimal environment for our growing baby.

That’s why sex is actually one of the activities most doctors approve of. First of all, sex will always get your heart rate up, thus, providing a quick and satisfactory cardio workout.

And, speaking of heart rate, sex also affects blood pressure in pregnant women. Our hearts settle immediately after having sex, and our blood pressures normalize, which is excellent for the baby. Of course, pregnant women who have high blood pressure can’t really have sex all the time to cure it, but it can help!

Furthermore, sex is also a perfect way to manage pain. Women often have lower back pain as well as joint pain during pregnancy. Again, sex won’t be the magical cure-all all women dream about. But the release of endorphins and other hormones and neurotransmitters after an orgasm will diminish or at least alleviate the pain.

It Diminishes Stress

Sex is a fantastic stress reliever. It can put us in a better mood and make falling asleep that much easier. An orgasm or two will knock some of our anxieties into the back of our mind and give us a good night’s sleep.

That’s vital not only for the overall well-being of the mother but for the baby too. When the mom is stressed, so is the baby. Given that the baby has its little hands full of its own development, a no-stress environment is critical.

As weird as it sounds, we can use sex to avoid stressing our developing babies out. The chemicals that our body releases after orgasm (happy chemicals or love chemicals) put us in a better, positive mood and relax us enough to let go of stress.

It Provides a Better After-Birth Experience

Regular sexual activity, or, better said, frequent orgasms, strengthen the pelvic floor. Each orgasmic contraction makes the pelvic muscles that much stronger. These muscles are quite crucial because they are the ones that we engage in during natural labor. In other words, they are responsible for pushing the baby out.

What’s more, these muscles also have to bounce back after delivery. Their recovery will go much smoother if we regularly exercise them (with physical and sexual activity).

Vaginal and uterine contractions that occur during orgasms can also jumpstart the labor. All moms who had the misfortune of having stubborn babies that weren’t too keen on getting out at the agreed eviction time know this by heart — orgasmic contractions can give the baby that final push it needs and start the labor.

A Few Parting Words

Overall, sex during pregnancy is not only safe but also beneficial for both the mom and the baby. Of course, each woman should check with her doctor before engaging in any strenuous activity.

Having sex during pregnancy can be a fun and enjoyable experience. As long as both you and your partner are up for it and have a clean bill of health from your doctor, there’s no reason not to get a good rumble in the sheets!