Top Reasons Why You Should Use Vibrating Double Dildos

If you’re a sex toy fanatic or are just starting to look into them for you or your partner, vibrators should be at the top of your list. But while they can mindlessly tease you and boost sexual pleasure almost immediately, there’s another toy that will truly help you get the best bang for your buck! 

If you’re ever seen some double dildo porn, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the massive range of naughty uses for this toy. It’s excellent for nearly anything, including anal play, double penetration, vagina-to-vagina sex, extreme insertions, teasing, gagging, foreplay, and more! And what happens when you add vibrating motors to a regular double-headed dildo? Check out the top reasons you should use vibrating double dildos! 

Vibrating Double Dildo vs. a Regular Dildo and Vibrators

Double dongs are made from similar materials like regular dildos and vibrators. However, they do not contain a base. Instead, you get a cock head on each end! These toys can be silicone, rubber, or jelly. They are incredibly bendy, and while their size can go up to a whopping 22 inches, smaller double dongs are also available for beginners. 

Moreover, double dildos are highly popular with lesbian and gay couples, as well as solo explorers and straight couples. They also come in different textures. If you’re into hard, veiny, and huge cocks, you can choose a phallic-shaped double dildo. But if you prefer toys that do not resemble the male genitalia, you can find all sorts of non-phallic double dildos.

And since these toys have two shafts, they can also be made with vibrating motors inside each end. Many of them include a standard button control, while others can even have a remote to control the vibrations. Just like regular vibrators, they will allow you to change the pulsation speed. Additionally, the motors do not affect the flexibility of the toy, and it can still bend in all sorts of ways. And that’s what makes this device incredibly fun and better than just getting two vibrators or regular dildos!

The two ends allow you to experiment with all types of penetration and foreplay. And if that’s not enough, merely turn on the vibrations, and you’ll make your partner or yourself squirm and scream from pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms. 

Good for Masturbation

Double-ended dildos can be incredible for all types of solo or mutual masturbation. 

Women can use them for experimenting with various kinds of penetrative sex. That includes vaginal, anal, and double penetration. Plus, if you’re using one end in your asshole or pussy, the other can bend and apply some intense clitoral stimulation while vibrating. Additionally, you can also stretch out one hole with both ends.

And for men, vibrating double dildos are also fantastic for prostate massages and anal stimulation. You can milk your prostate and jerk off simultaneously while teasing your cock with the other end of the vibrating dildo. Moreover, couples who love to watch their partner masturbate or even control their adult toys while they do it can have tons of fun with vibrating double dongs. 

Good for Threesome Enthusiasts

If you just can’t stop thinking about threesome sex, you can use a double dildo to simulate it.

It’s possible to do that on your own or with a partner. Since the toy is fantastic for double penetration, simply spread your pussy and ass and insert both ends inside you. The feeling will be close to a real threesome, but without the risks or baggage involved. You can also use the dual penetrator to practice before your real-life threesome and get used to the feeling of having two cocks inside you. 

However, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of sharing your partner in real life, double dildos will replicate the experience perfectly. Additionally, you could also insert one head in a hole and tease your clitoris with the other. Then, let your partner penetrate you for an even more intense threesome-like experience! 

Gay men could also try fake threesomes with double dildos. Simply push one head into your ass, put the other on your cock and balls, and set it to vibrate. Then, start sucking on your partner’s cock. Brilliant! 


Very Versatile

Some of the tips we’ve mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, and your pleasure will not end there. 

Double dildos were originally intended for lesbian couples and vaginal-to-vaginal, anal-to-anal, or anal-to-vaginal penetration. The toys allow both female partners to penetrate themselves simultaneously in various positions. Moreover, using them in this way will offer a slightly different experience compared to penetration with regular dildos.

Since the double dong will be inside both women at the same time, they’ll have to try all sorts of new types of motions. It’s kind of similar to tribbing, but with lots of penetration in any hole that you choose. That will result in a highly unique sensation. You and your partner will take part in a sexual tug of war with lots of new rhythmic moves. Plus, sex will feel incredibly intimate since both of you will feel the same level of vibration from the toy. 

Moreover, double dildos are just incredible for any type of fetish or BDSM play. You can use one to dominate your partner’s asshole, pussy, or mouth. Since it’s incredibly bendy, you can whip and slap your partner with it and humiliate them. There are literally no limits to what you can do with double dildos!

Many Variations of Using It in Terms of Positions

Before trying any type of penetration, it’s best to use a lubricant on each dildo end. That will make penetration more enjoyable and comfortable. However, if you intend to use this toy for mutual penetration, you’ll have to make some compromises. Not every position will work, and you’ll need to get used to this type of sex at first. Nevertheless, there are many variations that you can try. 

For mutual penetration, the best position is to lie down on your back. Use a cushion behind your butt and turn your genitals toward your partner. The two partners should face each other, spread their legs and insert the toy at the same time. Then, you can tug or push up and down and grind against the dildo. Plus, doggy will work wonders for more intense penetration. Both asses should be turned toward each other. Then, one or both partners should move backward with the dildo inside.

For double penetration, you can try doggy or simply lie in missionary to insert the toy. One of the hottest positions is to first bend both ends upwards and merely squat over the dildo. Then, you can slide it into both holes and bounce up and down for a complete double penetration experience. That is also possible if you kneel with your butt facing a wall. With both ends inside you, push against the wall to replicate a DP experience. And that’s just the beginning; don’t be afraid to experiment and learn more from other resources. 


As you’ve seen today, vibrating double dildos can maximize your pleasure through all sorts of sexual activities. They are infinitely versatile and are guaranteed to bring you some of the best orgasms of your life! So find one today and double the fun!