Types of Vibrators w/ Dual Penetration

Vibrators are fun and more so when they can stimulate both anally and vaginally. Are you too looking for a great vibrator with dual penetration? Well, the rising popularity of these toys has flooded the adult toy market with a wealth of vibrators with double penetration functionality. But, then, which one would be the best for you. It’s easy to get spoilt for choices among so many models today. But, don’t fret- the post below offers a brief on some of the top vibrators with dual penetration you may try out.

Pink B.O.B. Dual Penetration Vibrator

You have a wonderful dual penetration vibrator toy here that will leave you with explosive bouts of orgasm for hours. It’s strategically angled to sweep you to amazing pleasurable heights and a must have in your adult toy arsenal. Being a dual vibrator, the toy assures anal and vaginal stimulation simultaneously. There are as many as 10 speed levels to choose from as per your moods and preferences. In regards to the material, the toy is made from silicone. Thus, you have a completely hypoallergenic and body-safe toy here which is also easy to clean.

 Dual Penetration Multi Speed Vibrator with Anal Beads

What makes this toy stand apart from the crowd is certainly its sizzling line up of anal beads which will render a new edge to your backdoor stimulation. The blue color looks cool and so its penis-shaped vaginal penetrator. Being a dual penetrator, the toy can stimulate both your vagina and anus simultaneously. Both the ends of the toy are moderately sized and hence would be compatible for a beginner who has never tried a dildo before.

Rabbit Dildo Anal G-spot 3-in-one vibrator

You ask for two but you get three here! A bonus like this is always welcome. As the name says, the vibrator will not only stimulate your anal and vagina but your G-spot as well. No wonder, this toy is your key to faster orgasms. In regards to vibration modes, there are as many as 7 options to choose from. It’s made from 100 percent body-safe silicone and hence you can use it safely in your most delicate body parts. The toy is waterproof as well which makes it your best partner for you big “O” game in the shower or in the bathtub. It runs on battery and can go on seamlessly for nearly 2 hours on single charge. Cleaning the toy is a breeze which makes is easy to maintain as well.

Strap U Vibrating Revolver Strap-on Strapless Dildo

With its mighty revolver contour, this dual penetration vibrator will certainly take your orgasm game to a whole new edge. It’s designed for excellent G-spot and prostate stimulation and hence will be great for your partner as well. It’s a waterproof toy so that you can enjoy it in your shower as well. Made from silicone, the toy feels extremely soft and comfortable on your skin. Besides, the silicone make also promises a safe usage.

The Naturals Dual penetration Vibe

If you are looking for a realistic looking vibrator, look no further. The double penetration vibrator looks every bit of a realistic penis with its veiny textures and skin color. Strategically angled for double entry, this toy will make you moan in delight with powerful stimulation both anally and vaginally. The vein-detailed shaft even delves deep for an intoxicating massage on your internal sweet spots. How hot is that?!? Oh, the very thought of its is enough to arouse you.

One of the best aspects of the toy is that it is easily customizable. You can curl it or bend it as per your needs and preferences. In regards to the vibe part, the toy will fill you with a passionate intense buzz that you will never seem to get enough of. It’s a phthalate-free product and hence completely body safe.

Sex Dual Teaser Vibrator

Measuring 7.25”, this dual penetration vibrator is sure to impress all those who crave for a bigger size down under. Backed by dual motors, this toy will powerfully tease you both vaginally and anally. One of the best aspects of the toy is surely its wide range of 10 functions. You are sure going to have a gala time!

Besides, the toy is made from silicone which means it’s hypoallergenic and absolutely body-safe. The vibrator is waterproof as well and you can easily use it in your shower.

Jelly Caribbean Vibe Red Coral

This dual penetration toy promises extremely arousing stimulation with its  jelly build that gives a flesh-like feel on the skin. Not only that, it’s veiny and spiky texture will take your O-game to a whole new edge altogether. The perfect phallic shape assures the most targeted stimulation with ideal accuracy.

Tips to maintain your toy

Having an excellent dual penetration vibrator is not your ultimate password to mindblowing O-game sessions. Now, of course, getting such a fantastic toy is obviously the first step. But, you need to be careful about its cleaning and maintenance as well. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintenance-

Tips for cleaning:

  • Use a mix of warm soapy water to clean your toy
  • A mild detergent or soap will do
  • Do not submerge the toy in water
  • Do not boil your toy in water
  • Do not place it in microwave, washing machine or dishwasher
  • Take out the batteries while washing
  • Stay away from cleaners that contain alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic or alkaline contents
  • You can also use adult toy cleaners which are specifically crafted for adult toys

Tips for storage and maintenance

  • Dry the toy properly before putting it back in its place
  • Try to keep it in a clean pouch
  • Don’t mix it with other sex toys- every toy should have its own pouch
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Always check for moisture on and around the toy. Keep it away from places that may develop moisture
  • Take out batteries while storing the toy

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