No Reason to Stop! 4 Reasons to Keep Having Sex During Pregnancy

What does a pregnant orgasm feel like? Will your partner’s penis traumatize the baby during pregnancy sex? And is sex even safe during pregnancy? If you’re pregnant and horny, we’ll show you that there’s truly no reason to stop! Here’s our breakdown of four reasons to keep having sex during pregnancy! 

Sex During Pregnancy Will Strengthen Your Relationship

According to sociologist and sexologist Pepper Schwartz, pregnancies can become the sole focus of future mothers. This can isolate their partners and make them feel left out. Schwartz believes that physical affection is incredibly important during pregnancy. It sustains intimacy and ultimately strengthens the foundation of your family.

When it comes to pregnant sex, most women will be able to have it from the first all the way through the final trimester. Unless your doctor specifically tells you to stay away, sex is a perfectly healthy and fun activity. It strengthens your intimacy and lowers your stress. What’s more, movements and penetration do not harm the baby in any way or raise preterm labor risks. And since you’re already pregnant, there’s no need for condoms and birth control if both partners are healthy. 

However, if you’re expecting, pregnancy sex may seem a bit intimidating at first. There are a few things you’ll need to change in your existing sexual habits. You will likely experience changes in your libido. It’s possible that your partner could also feel some shifts in their sex drive. If you’re not having sex, try to discuss those changes with your significant other. You might have sore breasts or feel exhaustion or nausea during the first trimester. This could likely be the cause of diminished sexual desire. Still, you should know that you’re not alone.

In fact, nearly 55% of women have experienced a drop in their sex drive at the start of their pregnancy. If you and your partner are planning to reap the benefits of sex during pregnancy, it may be best to try it a few weeks after your first trimester when your desire comes back. 

New Sex Positions Will Be Discovered 

Obviously, the missionary position is off-limits since you don’t want to put pressure on the baby. But, you’ll be able to experiment with several comfortable and unique sexual positions during pregnancy. For example, the spoon position is incredibly comfy and highly pleasurable. Simply lie on your side as your partner penetrates you from behind. Another trick is to lie down with your back facing the edge of your bed. Then, spread your legs, and your partner can penetrate you from the front while kneeling or standing. 

There are several other pregnancy sex positions that are approved by doctors. You could try the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions. These woman-on-top positions allow you to control the depth and thrust of penetration. They also enable you to position yourself comfortably while feeling stable during pregnancy. Additionally, standing rear-entry positions as well as the classic doggie style position are recommended. They are not as active, meaning that you won’t have to think about balancing your body, and you’ll just be able to relax. If you’re still uncomfortable in the positions we’ve mentioned, you can use pillows for support or try having sex in a more comfortable bed.  

What’s more, those positions are perfectly safe for oral, anal sex, or playing with sex toys. Experimenting with oral and anal is also encouraged during pregnancy, and it can improve sex for you and your partner.   

Pregnant Sex Feels Different, Sometimes Even Better

According to Claire Jones, a gynecologist from Toronto, sex during pregnancy can enhance your orgasms. Also, Jones claims that most women will produce more natural lubrication due to increased estrogen. That will make penetration much more enjoyable for you and your partner. And, you can look forward to higher sensitivity in your erogenous zones, particularly in your breasts and nipples. When you get aroused, they will respond to sexual stimulation with increased intensity. In turn, that will enhance your orgasms.

In the second trimester, your sex drive will return and your vagina and clitoris will reflect that. Due to increased blood pressure, they will swell. This will also boost your pleasure. This will make penetration and clitoral stimulation a lot more intense. Since your organs will be engorged, you could experience orgasms more frequently or even become multi-orgasmic. In some cases, mere fantasy or light foreplay will be enough to quickly push you over the edge.  

Essentially, the shifts in your body will make sex feel much more enjoyable and they will also increase your passion. Most pregnant women and their partners will enjoy this change. 

A Natural Stress Reliever: Orgasms

During pregnancy, female orgasms can become so intense that you might even find them overwhelming. Of course, that can be a good thing since they can boost oxytocin and endorphins. This will calm you down and make you feel happier. It will also reduce stress and anxiety. Furthermore, orgasms can also alleviate pain. 

However, all future mothers should talk to their doctor about sex. If your body points to early labor risks or pregnancy complications like placenta previa, you might have to avoid sex altogether. Plus, note that orgasms will become less intense during the third trimester. The baby’s size could prevent you from fully contracting even if you feel extremely stimulated and excited. If you’re experiencing strong orgasms in your second trimester, you might be worried about your belly getting harder. This is completely normal, and it’s a product of your muscles contracting. 

Finally, you may be worried about the baby and whether or not sex can disrupt or traumatize it in any way.  Luckily, this won’t be a problem since your cervix, uterus, and amniotic fluid will protect the baby from the penis or sex toy. To the baby, sex will produce minor movements that are similar to you walking up a flight of stairs. So you can rest easy and have tons of powerful, stress-relieving orgasms through vaginal, anal, or oral sex without harming your baby. 

No Partner? No Problem 

Like we’ve said, doctors also recommend the use of vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys. If you’re a single mother, they’ll simulate the real thing and allow you to experiment on your own. Moreover, they can work wonders for your sex life if you’re coupled. They’ll expand your sexual repertoire and allow you to try new things. You can use vibrators or dildos for solo masturbation, mutual masturbation, as well as during intercourse to intensify your orgasms even further.

What’s more, there are tons of different sex toys that you can experiment with. You can easily clean them and sterilize them before they enter your vagina or anus. That is essential since it will eliminate the risk of sexually transmitted infections. For pregnant women, it’s recommended to use silicone toys for easy cleaning, but you can also try products made from other materials like TPE, PVC, latex, etc. 


To sum up, sex during pregnancy can feel amazing, and it will not harm you or your baby. Nevertheless, you should always consult a doctor before trying it with your partner or using a sex toy. If everything goes well, get ready for some of the strongest and most intense orgasms of your lifetime! Have fun!