Keeping the Fire Burning — Tips on How to Enjoy Sex When Trying to Conceive a Child

Getting pregnant can be challenging for so many people, and they often get stressed by the amount of failed attempts. But there are a couple of ways to spice everything up and to enjoy sex every single time. 

There is no reason for you and your partner to become burdened by the situation. In fact, it should be pleasurable and relaxing having sex with each other. Let’s take a look at what you can do to improve the situation and keep the fire burning hotter than ever. 

Not Having Fun at All

Deciding to have a baby is a huge step in anyone’s life. Everything you do will need to change, and you and your partner will need to alter your lifestyles. As you can probably guess, it can be stressful. But making this important decision is just one step of the way. And things rarely go as we planned. For many couples, conceiving doesn’t happen on the first try, and they need to keep trying before they make their dreams come true. 

One of the most common problems is losing the spark along the way. The couple needs to follow ovulation cycles, daily routines. They need to find time for each other, and so on. It is not rare to see sex become just one task on the to-do list, and this can be a problem. 

Even though conception is the final goal here, that doesn’t mean that you and your partner shouldn’t have fun. Keep in mind that you are in it together, and you need to find a way to make it exciting again. Sex is awesome, and there is no reason why you should feel like it is a chore or allow it to become mechanical and another part of your daily routine.   

What Is “Gourmet Sex”?

You probably know what gourmet food is. It is a culinary art, where a person will spend time on elaborate preparations to ensure that everything looks good and tastes even better. Gourmet sex is similar, except there is no food involved. 

The idea behind the term is to explain the best type of sex someone can experience. Both parties will do their best to ensure that their partner feels incredible and have the most satisfying experience. 

It is the opposite of scheduled sex, where the couple will take their time to show their love and appreciation for one another. Not only will they have fun in the end, but they will also increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

Stress is one of the most common problems for couples trying to get pregnant. They keep worrying about everything, and whether there is something wrong. This is an excellent way to forget about stress and improve your sex life.  

More Entries Mean More Chances of Winning!

Studies show that men produce approximately 250 million sperm cells during intercourse. Men produce sperm every day of their lives, and healthy men produce sperm even in their eighties. Please see low-sperm count treatment.

But what is interesting is that the number can increase or decrease based on the levels of pleasure. If a man is having a pleasurable time during sex, it is more likely that he will ejaculate more. And that is where gourmet sex comes to light. 

As we already explained, the term refers to incredible, mind-blowing sex, and having such a good time will end in better ejaculation. And even though we are talking about millions here, it is still possible to not get pregnant even after unprotected sex. This is why it is important to increase the odds in any way possible. 

In this case, better ejaculation is similar to lottery tickets. The more entries you have, the higher the chance of winning will be. 

What is interesting is that women will follow a similar principle. While orgasm is not necessary for pregnancy, it can increase the chances and enhance fertility. Needless to say, it will make everything more pleasurable. But we should also mention that contractions during orgasm can help lead sperm into the cervix and increase the chances of pregnancy. 

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the easiest ways to make sex pleasurable and less like a chore is to spice things up. You and your partner need to step out of your comfort zone, and just enjoy each other. There is nothing wrong with having sex in a missionary position, but it can get dull. Especially if you have sex every day. 

What makes things interesting is stepping into the unknown. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you and your partner should do something you’re not comfortable with, but just to push on the boundaries a bit, and try out something new. 

There are so many different positions you can try out, and some of them can be incredibly pleasurable for both parties.

Spooning is among the top positions for both males and females. It is intimate, pleasurable, and it can lead to orgasms, which will increase the chances of conceiving. 

Of course, we should also mention classics like doggy style and cowgirl, which are both great options. Doggy style allows deep penetration and excellent stimulation of the G spot, while cowgirl allows the lady to have all the control and dictate the tempo. See this doggy-style sex tips for women.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. You can try anything you like. Just take a look at best sex positions, and see which one seems most exciting to you and your partner. 

Fulfill Each Other’s Sex Fantasy

It is always a good idea to follow each other’s dreams and fantasies. Talk to your partner, make a list if you have to, and communicate. If there is something that you or your partner loves, you should include it in the sex menu. It is the best possible way to maximize pleasure and improve the chances of pregnancy. 

Based on your wishes and kink levels, you can always include sex toys in your life. Adult toys are a tool designed to increase pleasure, and there are so many types meant for couples. Using toys can be intimate, pleasurable, and kinky. 

If you are unsure which one to get, you can always visit a local sex shop with your partner and make an adventure out of it. Many people believe that sex toys are only for single people who are looking to compensate for the lack of a partner, but it is not true. 

Pleasure is not reserved for single people, and anyone can use sex toys. So, feel free to experiment and try to find something that will be exciting and arousing both for you and your partner. 

Dildos are always the safest option, and they are almost vanilla today. Needless to say, vibrators are a great choice, and ladies love them. Of course, many people enjoy using butt plugs, and you can try them out if you are into anal sex. Stimulation of your rear door It is a perfect way to provide additional pleasure during sex and ensure that you and your partner avoid the routine and enjoy having sex as if it is your first time.