How To Emotionally Prepare For Your First Anal Hook Experience

Are you aspiring for something beyond plain vanilla for your BDSM plays? Are you craving for something more sensuous, spicy and racy? Well, anal hook would be a fantastic option here. It’s a fantastic “J”-shaped toy with a hook at one and a ball at another. The ball is inserted inside the sub and the dom tugs on through the hook to create an amazing sensation. You might have come across anal hooks in your research about BDSM toys. If you have found about the toy, chances are high that you have longed to use it. But what if your partner knows nothing about the toy and become apprehensive of introducing it into your kink play sessions? Well, don’t fret; the post below is a handy guide on how to prepare your partner for your first conjugal anal hook experience.

Accept the reality

First of all, accept the fact that your partner might not be interested to try out anal hook at the first glance. You can’t deny the fact that toy actually looks unforgiving and painful. The very presence of a sharp metal hook props up images of torture and agony. It looks more of like a punishing tool than a sex toy. So, the first feeling that one gets when she sees an anal hook is that this stuff is going to hurt immensely. And that very fear will discourage her from any further discussion about using it.

So, don’t lose patience. Don’t misunderstand your partner. You probably had the same feeling that she would have when you first came across the topic of anal hook. Be considerate to your partner and take her through the journey gradually. Anal hook is not something that you can randomly introduce in your intimate sessions out of the blue. So, accept the reality, go slow and keep up your efforts.

Assure her

Let’s say, you have already introduced the topic of anal hook to your partner. The first thing that you might get here is a right out denial to have it ever. Assure her gently that it’s just the looks and the toy doesn’t actually hurt much if used properly.  Stress on the fact that an anal hook can reward both of you with an extraordinary pleasure and you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t try it ever.  Tell her that she can check lots of resources and reviews on the toy to get a hang of the actual thing. Try to be convincing yet gentle but never pushy. If you are convincing enough, she might wish to know more about it. If you can reach here- rejoice- because that’s your first step in the anal hook journey with your partner.

Encourage her

Once she gives a green signal to know more about the hook, your task is to encourage her. There are plenty of ways to encourage her about using anal hooks.

Check out articles together

You will find several articles online about the toy, its usage and the amazing experiences people had while using it. Read those articles together. Show her the rave reviews anal hook users have left on the web. Emphasize on the fact that none of them have mentioned about pain while used properly. Also mention the different types of cool poses you two can try with anal hooks.

Show her videos

Visual accounts of fascinating experiences with anal hooks would be more convincing for a person who is apprehensive of the toy. So, show her multiple videos of anal hook play. The videos will not prove the high stimulation quotient of the toy but will also show how the toy propels a BDSM play to the next level. If she loves adventure and is comfortable to try out new things, these videos would be really motivating for her to give the at least one try. Aside from videos, you can also show her some article guides and user reviews from well-known websites like Loveplug. This way, your partner will be a little bit more comfortable and trusting.

Assure her of safety decorum

Ass mentioned previously, anal hooks are great fun provided they are used the right way. If you don’t follow proper safety precautions, the toy can be pretty unforgiving. Your BDSM plays are supposed to be fun and ecstatic. You certainly don’t want your partner to end up with bleeding anus and tremendous pain only because you had the wish to try something new this time.

The bottom-line is you have to be extremely particular about using a set of safety guidelines in your anal hook play. Assure your partner that you will proceed with caution and that she need not worry about a thing here. Here is a brief on the vital safety measures that you must follow while using an anal hook with your partner.

Always use lube

Anal hooks are generally made of metal which is cause serious friction if inserted raw into your body. And friction means pain. To avoid that painful encounter, the most important thing that you will need here is a good lubricant. Lube up your toy properly before using it inside the anus. You should also make sure to lube up the backdoor before inserting the toy. Have the lube handy. The toy might not get inside in the first stance if your partner is not used to having a foreign object inside anus. So, you might have to tuck it to and fro before it finally gets the way to sit inside. And every time you will take it out and try to get it in, you will have to use lube.

Safe word

Tell her that both of you can use a common safe word. The safe code would indicate that it’s time to stop. Assure her she can use the safety code whenever she feels pain or doesn’t want it to have further.

Start small

Anal hooks are available with balls in varying sizes. But, when it’s the first time for both of you, start with a small ball. Let your partner’s body get acquainted to it. Once she gets accustomed to it, you two can try out bigger ones.

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